Twelve Steps to Creating a Rape Culture

  • Step 1: Tell girls they exist solely for male pleasure.
  • Step 2: Tell boys that the more sex they have and girls they exploit, the more masculine they are.
  • Step 3: Tell girls they can't actually have sex before marriage or they are unpure, unloveable, and equatable to a chewed-up wad of gum.
  • Step 4: Tell boys that they cannot control or make choices about their own sexual urges.
  • Step 5: Never mention or give accurate information about consent.
  • Step 6: Never mention or give accurate information about contraception.
  • Step 7: Call sexually active girls "sluts".
  • Step 8: Call sexually active boys "players".
  • Step 9: Blame girls for getting pregnant or infected with an STI.
  • Step 10: Blame girls when they get raped.
  • Step 11: Remind boys that they aren't fully responsible for their actions.
  • Step 12: Deny rape culture exists.
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